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My iPhone 4S was literally dying.. Like it was losing signal all the time, it wouldn’t sync with my laptops and it started to rattle. These were not good signs and even though I know Apple will release a new iPhone soon, I just couldn’t wait for that to happen. So on Thursday my dad and I originally went to buy some movies and stuff, but ended up leaving with that and the iPhone 5 32GB in white. I’m so happy and I can’t thank my parents enough for actually buying it for me!

Min iPhone 4S er døende. Den bliver ved med at miste signal, den ville ikke synkronisere med mine bærbare og så var den begyndt at rasle. Det er bestemt ikke noget en iPhone skal kunne og selvome Apple kommer ud med en ny iPhone snart, så kunne jeg bare ikke vente på det. Derfor fik jeg en iPhone 5 32GB i hvid, da min far og jeg alligevel var ude i Fona. Jeg er sindssyg glad for den allerede og jeg kan ikke takke mine forældre nok, for at give mig den!

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Now I know I’m a bit late on posting this, but I don’t care. Most of you might already know this, but Wednesday Apple announced the new iPhone which is called iPhone 5 (go figure). Anyways… I’m a total sucker for technology and I have a certain love for Apple products, especially iPhone. Which is why I’m drooling over the new one XD It’s just so sleek and gorgeous! And iPhones are known for being user friendly, so that is always something to keep in mind :D

Which phone do you guys like the best?