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Made this header, for my LiveJournal, yesterday and I really like it. I love Adam Lambert and in the Outlaws of Law he sings “Scars make us who we are” and I thing it really fits. It’s very true and it doesn’t have to be physical scars it can also be mental scars and I have lots of those. 2012 has been a shitty year and music is what’s making me keep going and Adam Lambert is one of those artists that just makes relevant songs and very personal songs!



No idea if you guys find this useful, but I just created a new colouring PSD and I thought I would share it on my blog, since I pretty much share it all over the internet :D

Ever since I did THIS t-shirt design for a school assignment, people have been pestering me about where they could buy it. Basically the t-shirt didn’t exist, it was only a suggestion for a t-shirt that went together with the assignment. This caused some trouble and it made me search high and low for an online site where I could sell my design on t-shirts and other stuff.

We all know about ZAZZLE.CO.UK and don’t get me wrong, they are good, but they limit the size of printing on a shirt and it would look ridiculous. With that site out of the question I continued searching and found SPREADSHIRT.NET. They are effing awesome! The size of print on t-shirts is way bigger than on Zazzle and they even offer you an opportunity to open an online store, on their site, where you can sell your design on different stuff like t-shirts, mugs and pillowcases. :D

So without further rambling here’s the link to my store.