My trip to New Zealand has been an eye opener for me. It has made me question myself and made me realize that I am not happy. Not just happy as in the emotion, but happy with my life. My friends Mom asked me if what I studied was making me happy and I could only answer “no”. It’s not making me happy. It’s sucking the life out of me and I’ve had enough. Don’t get me wrong, I still love graphic design, but the courses I’m taking has nothing to do with that and my school’s mainly focus is business theory, etc. which I absolutely hate… I went with Multimedia Design because it was supposed to make me a better candidate for what I really wanna study – Graphic Design.

I was naive enough to think that we would learn more about design than we actually do. Some days I feel like I’m sitting in a business class and that is not what I want at all. I want to be able to let my creativity flow and just create designs without thinking of B2B and so on… This is why I’ve applied for my dream study.

I’ve applied for Graphic Design at our Media and Journalist School. The deadline is March 15, so I still have a few weeks before I’ll get the first test. It’s a acceptance “exam” that you do at home. If you pass that one you’ll be invited to another exam at the school and even if you pass that one you might not get accepted, because there is way too many applicants compared tothe number of students they have room for.

I would greatly appreciate it, if you guys could cross your fingers for me. It’ll mean the world to me if I get accepted! Even if I don’t I’ll know I tried and I’ll then just try and survive the study I’m already doing :)


  1. My fingers are crossed for you. I am glad the trip helped you too, it is always nice when we get an epiphany!

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