Where you just wanna hide under you duvet and forget about the day. Seriously I hate this day just as much as Garfield hates Mondays!

It all started yesterday evening.. I turned up the heat on my heaters/radiators and only one got hot, so I was forced to sleep with 2 duvets and a blanket, just to keep warm. I called my landlord this morning and it’s fixed now, but for how long? This is the second time it broke ._.

Anyways.. Then my internet connection suddenly went out so I rebooted the router, but that didn’t work.. I then called YouSee (the internet provider) to report it and they looked at how many was affected. Turns out 71% of the houses in the area was without internet. They promised to try and fix it today, but also said it could take up to 2 days before the technicians had the problem fixed. Not long after my internet came back or so I thought, but nope.. I can only access my connection through a cable – Welcome back to the late 90’s! -_-‘

Also my poor grandpa just got told that he has a broken wrist… He fell just before Christmas and hurt his arm, but it didn’t seem broken and it didn’t hurt him to bad, but this bast week it has been so painful for him. He went to get a x-ray today and it showed a fracture. It’s healing nicely and straight, but he still has to wear a cast for the nest 2 weeks :/

The only things keeping my spirit high today is the fact that Mia Malene is coming over for dinner and in 2 weeks I’ll be in New Zealand!

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