Am I the only one that gets this “illness“?

I’m all excited about traveling, but the closer to the departure date the more nervous I get. I know there is nothing to be nervous about, but I just can’t help it. My mind is going 100km/h and it’s all sorts of worst case scenarios going through my head. Like what if my plane is delayed, what if I forget my passport or my money. I know it’s bad and I should just calm down, I just can’t. Once I get on a plane I’m fine again, so it’s all good. Besides this won’t be my first time traveling by myself for more than 5 hours :)

How do you guys react to traveling alone/with others? Any special thing you do to calm your nerves?


  1. Lol it’s significantly longer than 5 hours XD

  2. I find it kind of relaxing flying alone because you have no one else to worry about but yourself but then the company can be nice, especially for the longer flights :)

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