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Ever since I showed my DIY Studded Jacket I’ve had people ask me how I did it and so I decided to make a photo tutorial showing you all how to do it. It’s really not rocket science and every one can do it. It’s easy and fun and you can stud basically every piece of clothing you own. So grab some studs, some pliers or a scissor and a piece of clothing and lets get started! :D

Start by arranging the studs in a pattern you want. This will help with figuring out how many studs you’ll need and how much space you need. I’ve decided to use triangle studs, but you could use round ones, pyramid studs or any other stud as long as it has “tabs”. (you could technically use screw backs as well, but I don’t recommend it for thing fabric and it will take longer)

Press the tabs through the fabric at the spot you choose. Look at the placement and see if it’s what you want, because the next step will be to fasten the stud!

Take your scissor or pliers and press the tabs down and into the stud. This will make sure that the studs will stay put and not move at all. It also prevents you from getting scratched by them.

Continue the steps until you’re done and voila!


  1. Looks easy! They look amazing btw, great job!

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