.. The bandwagon. Oh yes.

I’ve seen a lof of bloggers make lists of everything good and bad happening in their life atm and I’ve decided to make a list like this. I think this will be the only list, but seeing as my birthday is right around the corner I thought it was the perfect timing :)

Good things:
– Going to New Zealand next year
– Only 2 months till Christmas
– Halloween is coming up which means scary movies!
– Spend last weekend with two of my best friends ♥
– My Birthday is in 2 days!
– Dad’s getting a new car
– Teen Wolf fiction (Sterek all the way)
– Mom is feeling better ♥
– It’s almost sweater weather!
– Sleeping in
– Blankets
– Lemon Tea!
– Caramel/Vanilla candle, thank you Mia Malene
– Did I mention Halloween is coming up?! XD

Bad things:
– The worst cramps in the history of cramps
– Eye infection (oh yeah)
– Ankle pains >_< - Rain! (nobody likes that, right?) - Cold weather


  1. Heeeey, I like rain… sometimes :D

    + Get well soon!

  2. Ohhh come to Bristol – it’s definitely sweater weather here already! :-P


    • Would love to XD
      I’m sure most Danish people thinks it’s sweater weather here as well, but I have a fever and is in general a person who never freezes >_<

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