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So while feeling sorry for myself today (because I’m sick), I desided to order some different kinds of studs. I got them all on eBay, from sellers with over 98% satisfied customers and they were dead cheap, because they are mostly from from Asia. Now normally I would prefer UK/EU sellers, but most of them didn’t ship to Denmark and they were like 400% more expensive…

So the studs I ordered are silver and black pyramid studs, triangular studs, round studs, small cone (screw) studs and large spike studs. I’m so excited to get them and I can hardly wait, because I have so many DIY projects planned for the studs and if it turns out like I want it too, then it’s gonna be epic (in my opinion)!


  1. Oh man, I just ordered some studs, too! My dad and I are gonna do some leatherwork one weekend. :)

    Where did you order from? I try to find cheap deals, but I paid a lot for my last shipment.

    • Bought mine on eBay, I can try and find the sellers if you want?
      I think I paid like £1,50 for 100 studs and the shipping was free for most of them XD
      Oh and the sellers have ober 98% satisfied customers, so no need to worry, unless you don’t want Asian sellers D:

      Else try http://www.studsandspikes.com :D

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