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Now I know I’m a bit late on posting this, but I don’t care. Most of you might already know this, but Wednesday Apple announced the new iPhone which is called iPhone 5 (go figure). Anyways… I’m a total sucker for technology and I have a certain love for Apple products, especially iPhone. Which is why I’m drooling over the new one XD It’s just so sleek and gorgeous! And iPhones are known for being user friendly, so that is always something to keep in mind :D

Which phone do you guys like the best?


  1. I really hope that the battery on this is better than iPhone 4S beause those phones SUCK!

  2. The battery will be just as bad providing on how much you use it and the amount of apps you have that stay logged in when not in use… lol. Doesn’t really look any better than what the 4s is at the moment tbh, I can wait until my next upgrade, no rush for me.

    • The battery is the only thing I’m irritated about, ’cause I refuse to go Android, but if the battery doesn’t improve then idk

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