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I know most people will think: “Eeew heck no!”, but I love German rap or actually more precise I love Bushido! Now I’m not saying he is the best person to have as a role model, because he isn’t, but he has fought his way through life. Gone from being poor to being rich and all thanks to music. I think it’s something to aknowledge and admire. He has made a better future for himself and his mother and he’s still down to earth and kind to his fans. He has humour and he doesn’t take himself to seriously and I love that! Also he has found “the love of his life” and is now married and is expecting a baby-girl any day now and gosh that baby is gonna be so spoiled and cute and just.. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I used to love Kay One as well, but after the whole drama between him and Bushido I chose Bu’s side and have kinda just ignored Kay One, but to each their own, so if you like Kay One, then no hard feelings from my side :)

So basically these are my two fave videos with Bushido ♥


  1. GERMAN RAP FTW! Such a sexy language!

  2. <33333333333333333333333333333333333333 loooooove

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