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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s completely obsessed with androgynous people (gender benders) or maybe I am?

Anyways.. I love people who aren’t afraid to show who they are and dress that way, even if that means looking like the opposite sex. It’s a freedom of expression and it has sucked me in so deep that I mostly only notice androgynous people. It’s like “normal” people just doesn’t catch my attention anymore. They just seem so plain and boring compared to androgynous people XD

So my fave androgynous people are:

– Andrej Pejic
– Lee Taemin (from SHINee)
– Bill Kaulitz
– Brian Molko
– Freja Beha
– Azmarie Livingston
– Katherine Moennig

Who’s your fave? If you have one that is :P

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