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Throwback: New Zealand

Det er nu lidt over 3 år siden jeg landede i Kastrup efter mit livs rejse til New Zealand. Det var den vildeste oplevelse jeg nogensinde har haft og jeg kan huske det, som var det i går. Jeg fik set så mange fantastiske steder, men et sted husker jeg bedre end alle andre, nemlig Wai-O-Tapu og selvom jeg har delt et par billeder derfra, så synes jeg alligevel at jeg vil dele lidt flere billeder derfra.

Hvis du/I står og skal til New Zealand, så kan jeg varmt anbefale at bruge et par dage i Rotorua og besøge bl.a. Wai-O-Tapu og Te Puia  :)

tbt_nz1 tbt_nz2 tbt_nz3 tbt_nz4 tbt_nz5


Beach + views

beach1 beach2 beach3 beach4 beach5


Yepp I’m not done with posting pictures from my trip to New Zealand, but I’ll try and narrow the pictures down so you, hopefully, won’t get too bored. This time around it’s pictures from Staglands. We had tocut our stay short, because one of our friends got bitten by a pig, while there and we had to get to her to an ER, but at least I got to feed loads of animals, including deers and pigs :D


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Wellington @ Night

My last night in New Zealand, my friend took me up to the Mt. Victoria lookout so I could see the city at night and damn it’s beautiful! Sadly my pictures are shit, but I guess you can kinda imagine just how beautiful it actually was.

night1 night2

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Wellington Botanic Gardens

On February 1st me and my friend went to the botanic gardens in Wellington. We took the Cable Car up to the gardens and then wandered around the pink flower route. There are several routes, even a bush walk, so there is a walk/route for everyone. Even though it was a bit off season there were still lots of beautiful flowers. Rose Garden was my fave of the ones we saw. The Rose Garden is just so damn beautiful and the roses smell divine. This is a must if you happen to go to New Zealand and Wellington!

The Wellington Botanic Garden features 25 hectares of unique landscape, protected native forest, conifers, specialised plant collections, colourful floral displays, and views over Wellington city.

It is classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture and is an Historic Places Trust Heritage Area.

Entry is free.

botanic7 botanic6

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