I ordered this poster in 31×41 yesterday on fab.eu and got a shipping confirmation today. They are super fast and the stuff comes well packaged and protected from damage. If you like design and fresh, humorous stuff then fab.eu is a site for you. I know for a fact that I’m hooked and I’m 99,9% sure others will love it too! If you’re from outside Europe you need to look at fab.com and they don’t offer the same things, sadly.

Anyways back to the poster… I love the simple design and what really got me was the “quote”. It just really hits you and it’s veru true. I personally could learn from it and I will use it as motivation, while it’ll look nice – hanging on the wall :D

1. Cross Rocks  2. Mixed Chain 3. Single Earrings 4. Spike Headband 5. Pieces 3-pack 6. Skull Watch

I’m home again after the arthroscopy and I couldn’t be better! I only have mild aches and I can rotate the ankle and walk without pain :D

They found a lot of infected/irritated tissue also called synovit where I had the pain and swelling. It went into the joint everytime I moved my ankle causing even more pain :/
It’s nice to know that something was wrong and my surgeon has removed it all. Now all we can do is hope it won’t come back! *knocks on wood*

My surgeon and physiotherapist are optimistic and they assure me I’ll be back to 100% normal after a month! :D

As you read this I’m laying in a surgery-room, sleeping, while getting my ankle fixed. If it goes as planned I’ll come home Thursday (around noon). Some might already know that this surgery is the last resort before they say that I have to live with the pain, so fingers crossed please? :o
I’m not really nervous, but I’m still concerned that it won’t help, because then I’m basically screwed. I’m also worried as to what I’m waking up to. Like do I get a cast on like the first time, do I get a camp walker on or do I just get a bandage on…

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I refuse to believe I’m the only Aerosmith fan out there and as you might or might not know they released a new album called “Music From Another Dimention!”. It’s the first studio album in over 10 years and I’ve been so excited to finally hear it! My fave song from the album is “We all fall down”. It’s just so beautiful and imo it’s almost beating “I don’t want to miss a thing”.

Anyways here are the lyrics, because I feel like sharing them :)

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