iPhone 5

Now I know I’m a bit late on posting this, but I don’t care. Most of you might already know this, but Wednesday Apple announced the new iPhone which is called iPhone 5 (go figure). Anyways… I’m a total sucker for technology and I have a certain love for Apple products, especially iPhone. Which is why I’m drooling over the new one XD It’s just so sleek and gorgeous! And iPhones are known for being user friendly, so that is always something to keep in mind :D

Which phone do you guys like the best?



I’m showing y’all my fave recipe for lasagna. It’s easy to follow and makes the best lasagne in my opinion. Even my mom, who hates lasagna, love this so I’m hopiong you guys will as well!

This recipe will feed 4 people and you can easily serve a salad or nice bread as a side dish.

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Skulltini flats

Solestruck is a wonderful website, especially if you love Jeffrey Campbell shoes (which I do). They have so many awesome shoes from JC and I’ve fallen in love with a pair of flats or actually 6 pairs, because I can’t decide which colour I like the best. They are all just so pretty, okay?


RÅSKOG // Spray paint // Letter stickers

So right now I have tons of DIY projects planned and the one highest on the list is re-designing an the RÅSKOG storage unit/table/trolley from IKEA. It comes in two different colours. One is this “Tiffany” green-ish blue and the other is a gun metal grey. The colours are okay, but I just think it’s rather boring, which is why I’m thinking about turning it into something that fits into my kitchen and colour-scheme.

So stay tuned for an update on my project and most likely a “how to” post about the transformation :D

German Rap

I know most people will think: “Eeew heck no!”, but I love German rap or actually more precise I love Bushido! Now I’m not saying he is the best person to have as a role model, because he isn’t, but he has fought his way through life. Gone from being poor to being rich and all thanks to music. I think it’s something to aknowledge and admire. He has made a better future for himself and his mother and he’s still down to earth and kind to his fans. He has humour and he doesn’t take himself to seriously and I love that! Also he has found “the love of his life” and is now married and is expecting a baby-girl any day now and gosh that baby is gonna be so spoiled and cute and just.. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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