I hope you are all gonna have a fabulous Christmas. I wish you all the best and I hope all your wishes will come true!





On Monday I woke up with a semi-sore throat so I called the doctor. I got an appointment for tomorrow, luckily, because it has only gotten worse. It hurts when I cough or take a deep breath, my throat is so sore and it hurts to eat and drink. On top of that my ears ache and it gets worse when I try to blow my nose. I really hope it’s not a virus, because then there is nothing to do about it and it’ll pass on its own, which would freaking suck this close to Christmas!

So right now I’m living on “Hexokain” and I might try tea with honey soon…


Yesterday it was the 3rd Sunday before Christmas Eve which meant I got a present from my parents. It’s a tradition to get a present the 4 Sundays before Christmas here in Denmark and when I was younger I got a advent calendar and on Sundays a bigger present waited for me so it brings back memories as well. Back to the point.. I got this book set called “Hogwarts Library” and I can’t wait to read the books! :D

It can be bought here if you’re interested

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Friends mean a lot to me, heck I love my friends and I appreciate that they all tolerate my ups and downs. I can always count on them to lift me up and while it can make me feel bad I also know they do it, because they care about me too. It’s not always that I have the energy to spend time with my friends and it’s not ’cause they are annoying or anything like that, it’s all due to my depression. Sometimes you just feel so mentally drained. I know I’ve pushed away people, but it has also made me realize who my true friends are. Those who are still by my side are definitely my friends. They’ve been with me through all my ups and downs and I can with certainty say that I would not be here now if it hadn’t been for them (and my family ofc.) :)