In Denmark baking is a key element to the holidays. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t associate baking with Christmas. Now we do bake all year around, but it’s when december hits that we bake the more heavy spiced stuff like gingerbread. So here I am with a recipe for a ginger-honey bread house also called “Honningkagehus” in Danish.

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Products used:

O.P.I. Nail Envy (the blue one) base coat
Essie’s “Dive Bar”
Fräulein nailart stripers in silver and holographic glitter
Sally Hansen “Insta-Dri” top coat

I’m not the biggest DIY person, but I found out how easy it is to make a beautiful door wreath so I made one for my parents. It’s super easier and all you need is a plain wreath in metal or some other material, your decorations, ribbons and a hot glue gun. It’ll take you some time and in my case it also cost me a badly burnt finger, but only because I’m clumsy. I’m sure DIY-magicians can make something better, but I’m satisfied and the people who’ve seen it has commented on it and said it was beautiful! :D


If you’re one of those that runs around with no idea of what to give someone, then maybe this will help. I know it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. You wanna give something personal, but at the same time it needs to be something the person wants. We’re all different and we all wish for different things, but one thing is for sure – the perfect gift does exist!

Start by thinking about what the person is like, what does the person enjoy? Look around their room or home, talk to others close to them. It’s a key element to “investigate”. People change and what they might have liked last year might be a nightmare now, so be careful and listen when you talk to them. I personally always tend to look closely at stuff I really want and I usually slip out something along the lines: “Man I wish I had this”. I’m sure I’m not the only one like that and if you just observe a bit then the perfect gift will reveal itself.

Anyways, enough of me rambling. Here are some ideas of what to get people if you have no clue what so ever.

For a boyfriend/girlfriend:
–  Write small notes about what you love about them, put them in a jar/container. It’s very inexpensive and maybe not the most creative, but it is a winner for most people.
– A nice bottle of Champagne.
– A trip somewhere.

For family:
– Homemade stuff is always appreciated.
– Wine, board games, etc.
– A dinner.

For friends:
– Services in a jar, cookies in a jar, etc.
– Music, DVD’s, books.
– Concert tickets, movie tickets.

And I’m sure gift-certificates will always be appreciated :D