Back in 2011 I was supposed to go to New Zealand, but sadly I injured my ankle and had to cancel. This means I already have a book about the country, but I can’t find it and just to be sure I have a book, Dad bought one for me :D


Seeing as my New Zealand trip is nearing I thought I would share my 5 must-haves when I’m on a plane for more than 3 hours. Short distance flight are easy to manage without too much stuff, but when you’re traveling for a long period of time you’ll need some stuff to help with the comfort. Lets all face it – Planes aren’t comfortable! For me it’s especially the thin air that bothers me and my neck usually go all stiff, which is why my 5 must-haves include things that helps with that.


We did a lot of shopping while in Germany. We bought tons of soda, beer, wine, other alcohol and candy simply because it’s cheaper. The area between Flenburg and Kruså/Padborg is known for the bordershops and a lot of Danish people shop there every day.

We also got a lot of stuff in Flensburg, but I’ll show that in another post :)

As you read this I’ll be well on my way to Germany, to a small city called Flensburg. My dad booked a single night at a nice hotel there so we all three could get away from all the sickness and bad stuff going on in our lifes at the moment. I’m really excited to go and just relax for a day and I can’t thank my dad enough for inviting me along on the trip ♥

What are your plans for the weekend? :)