175g of Butter
120ml of Water
1 tsp of Vanilla powder
300g of Sugar
4 Eggs
180g of Flour
75g of Choco powder
1 tsp of Baking powder

Mint buttercream:
8 tbsp of Butter, softened to room temperature
115g of Creamcheese, softened to room temperature
450g of Powdered sugar
60ml of Heavy cream
½ tsp of Pure vanilla extract
1 tsp of Peppermint extract
Green food coloring
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I hope you all arrived in 2013 safely. I had a wondeful evening with my parents where we ate some nice food, drank some nice Asti and watched TV! Anyways here are my pictures from last night :D

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Godt Nytår // Gott Nytt År // Feliz Año Nuevo // Frohes Neues Jahr // Bonne Année // Felice Anno Nuovo

Am I the only one who’s SO ready for 2012 to be over? It has been a horrendous year for me and my family. We’ve been hit by accidents over and over again. I just can’t wait for a new year to begin and hopefully it’ll be a nice year *knocks on wood*. I just can’t get over how much bad luck we’ve had in 2012. First mom broke her hip. Then she had to get the hip replaced. Then she got diagnosed with breast cancer. All of these things happened while I had my ankle to deal with and my depression got worse. I hit rock bottom and had to take time off school. I’m sure some might have been through more, but for a fragile family, it’s hard! We’ve been through so much already and I really hope and pray that we’re heading towards better times.

But not all of 2012 has been bad..

I got to go to New York City twice.
I got to meet my best friend Paige (haven’t seen each other since 2009)
I got a visit from my best friend Tess aka. my kiwi friend XD
I got to see Lady Gaga live!
Dad took me to a “hardcore” concert ♥
I got spoiled “rotten” by my parents
I got a plane ticket for New Zealand!
I got my second tattoo
Got to see my Danish friends more often :D

So while 2012 has been tough it has also been great from time to time.

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I promised yesterday that I would show what I got for Christmas, so that is what this post is about. I got so many nice presents and I can’t thank people enough for them! I’m very spoiled and I know it, but I appreciate even the smallest present. To me it doesn’t matter if it’s something very expensive or if it’s something homemade. It’s the thought that counts for me and I’ve never gotten something I didn’t like ♥

That set aside, this is what I got this year:
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