Yesterday we celebrated Christmas here in Denmark. I spend mine with my grandparents, parents and some other family from my mother’s side of the family. We ate some nice food and had an awesome time exchanging presents. I got so many nice things and I’ll show them tomorrow, but for now I’ll just share some pictures from last night :D


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I hope you are all gonna have a fabulous Christmas. I wish you all the best and I hope all your wishes will come true!






Yesterday it was the 3rd Sunday before Christmas Eve which meant I got a present from my parents. It’s a tradition to get a present the 4 Sundays before Christmas here in Denmark and when I was younger I got a advent calendar and on Sundays a bigger present waited for me so it brings back memories as well. Back to the point.. I got this book set called “Hogwarts Library” and I can’t wait to read the books! :D

It can be bought here if you’re interested


I’ve baked again and actually made double up on the recipe my friend Mia Malene posted here. They are just so yummy and super easy to make! I have no idea what you would call them in English, but we call them “Pebernødder” which is basically pepper cookies. Not that they are very spicy or anything. If you guys want a translation of the recipe, I’ll gladly make one! :)

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