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So on the 27th I’m getting a new piercing. I’m getting an orbital, but I’m still not sure of the placement. I’ve narrowed it down to these to choices (Look above). I kinda want it low, but I’m afraid my plans of stretching the lobe might affect that D: The one higher up is also a nice placement, but I’m not sure I like the idea of having a very sore ear for weeks… Which placement do you guys like the best?

Når vi rammer d. 27. får jeg en ny piercing til min samling. Jeg skal ha’ lavet en orbital, men jeg er ikke sikker på hvor den skal sidde. Jeg har indsnævret det til disse to (Se ovenfor). Jeg vil egentlig gerne ha’ den placeret nede, men jeg er usikker på om det kommer til at kollidere med min plan om at stretche min øreflip. Den der er placeret oppe i brusken er også super fed, men jeg er ikke sikker på at jeg kan lide tanken om at ha’ en meget ømt øre i ugevis… Hvilken af de to kan I bedst lide?


I feel like I’m kinda stuck with this blog and I have a feeling it’s partly the layout, but also the lack of comments. Now I know it’s hard to get comments on a blog as new a mine, but it still causes lack of inspiration.. I’ve been thinking a lot and I’ve decided to turn this into a bilingual blog, since my native language is Danish. It’ll be more work, but so worth it in the end. I’ve also put some new content in the menu – Recipes and Travel. I still need to add stuff to the travel section, but for now, the Recipe section is working.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I should change, etc.?

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So today it’s my Mom’s birthday. I hope today will be an awesome day and that she’ll enjoy her presents. I’ve already wished her a Happy Birthday, but I think she deserves a whole blog post. She means the world to me (same goes for my dad) and I know she hasn’t been feeling well since she started chemo, but she is done with that so from now on it’ll only get better!

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