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So today I had, yet again, an appointment with my ankle-surgeon. He asked how I felt, etc. and nothing has changed. The pain is chronic and I’m getting desperate. We’ve tried ibuprofen, morphine and pain blocking injections and nothing is taking away the pain. He listened to me and once again pulled, pressed and twisted my ankle to get a feeling of things. After around 10 minutes he suggested that we did another arthroscopy, of the ankle, to see if there is something inside that is causing the pain.

The arthroscopy/surgery is scheduled for November 14th, so in 2 weeks this will be me ._. Wish me luck?

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Birthday anno 2012

So today is my Birthday and while I do know what I’m getting from my parents I haven’t gotten the presents yet. We’re waiting till we’re home at my grandparents, after a nice dinner at a love restaurant :D

What I can show you is the presents I got from Mia Malene. I love them all and the caramel/vanilla candle has the best smell ever!
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Jumpin on..

.. The bandwagon. Oh yes.

I’ve seen a lof of bloggers make lists of everything good and bad happening in their life atm and I’ve decided to make a list like this. I think this will be the only list, but seeing as my birthday is right around the corner I thought it was the perfect timing :)

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Sickness Leave


So as most people know I’m fighting a depression and I have been for several years. It goes up and down and I’m usually capable to study and keep a normal life, but with all the things that happened in the last 6 months I can’t. My body has literally shut down and I can’t study. That’s why I’ve talked to my school’s study counselors and decided to take a semester off and maybe more, depending on how I feel later this year.

Breast cancer


On Friday my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s going to be fine and they caught it in time, but it’s still tough… One thing is to know that cancer exist it’s a whole other thing when it hits your loved ones. We had prepared ourselves for the worst, but it still came as a shock and we’ve cried a lot, but we’ll get through this and come out stronger than ever ♥

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