I guess if you like fashion you’ve heard about Freja Beha. She’s a top model and one of the most used models atm. She is allegedly Valentino’s new muse and her face is in a lot of campaigns from make-up to haute couture. Freja is Danish and she is the biggest model we’ve had since Helena Christensen! I love her androgynous look and the fact that her 16 tattoos never gets removed when doing a shoot. They are part of her and it’s what makes her so special. If you wanna know more about her, go here or if you want more pictures/videos/etc, go here



I’m obsessed with rainbow hair and make-up looks. To me it just looks so freaking awesome! I wish I could get away with getting rainbow hair, but it would cost me a fortune and would be so hard to take care of afterwards, because some colours fade quicker than others. But maybe I should look into just getting like semi-rainbow hair with 3-4 colours in stead? Hmm it’s at least an option. As for the make-up, I would so do this next time I’m going out or next year at Copenhagen Pride :D

One of my biggest obsessions is the British comedy quiz show called QI and this is one of my fave episodes XD It’s with Graham Norton and Daniel Radcliffe and two others and I absolutely adore it. It always makes me laugh and if you’re into British humour then this is a must see show!