Of those “Woop, woop, life is good” lists XD

1. 47 days till Lana Del Rey in CPH.
2. 48 days till Mia Malene and I go to Berlin!
3. Bushido live in 48 days as well!
4. Bullet For My Valentine’s new album “Temper Temper”.
5. Can’t wait for my get together in March, I miss my friends :D
6. SHINee’s new album is pure love!
7. Spending time with my lovely mom.
8. Re-discovered my love for Fall Out Boy.
9. FOOD!
10. Dúné’s new album is fabulous and I want it asap, but for now – Spotify!

Am I the only one who’s addicted to Fall Out Boy’s new song? I’ve been waiting for them to come off hiatus and I had a feeling it would be this year, but I never in a million years expected their new single to be so catchy!

11. January 2013 · 4 comments · Categories: Music

If you’re like me then you LOVE Bullet For My Valentine! If you’re not well then it’s just too bad. I and many other fans have been so excited ever since they announced they would release a new album this year, so you can only imagine how much I screamed when this video came out today! I can’t wait for the album! Riot is such a great song and I love Matt’s new haircut (most don’t >_>).

So what do you think? Good/Bad?