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Give Me…

I stumbled upon this song a few days ago and have been listening to it almost non-stop since.. It’s just so damn catchy and the video is effing brilliant! I’m actually surprised that I haven’t heard the name Park Jung Min before seeing as I listen to a lot of Asian music.. I think I might look further into his music and see if it’s just as good or if the ROMEO EP is the only music from him I like XD

Shit day


So yesterday my dad took me and my kiwi friend to Flensburg in Germany. It’s not far from the Danish border, but at least it was still Germany. They had promised rain and awful weather, but it only rained when we we’re driving, so that made the trip all the more fun. I didn’t take any pictures, because Flensburg is not THAT interesting XD We mostly went to show my friend the town and to shop. Flensburg is a wonderful place to shop (just not for your wallet) and they have tons of stuff that we don’t have in Denmark. I think I did the most shopping, but hey I did get a few things from my dad, lol!




Bullet For My Valentine – Fever €6,99
Bullet For My Valentine – Poison/Scream Aim Fire €9,99
Jessie J – Who You Are €7,99
Garnier Nutrisse FarbSensation – 6.60 Intensive Rot €4,45
Ciaté – Caviar Manicure (White) €20
Perfume – Lady Gaga Fame €29,99
Scarf – in royal blue €2,99


If there is one thing I really want then it’s the guitar shown above. It’s an ESP from their artist series. It’s based on Uruha from the GazettE (J-Rock band) and UNF! Isn’t it just sexy? Just like him, if I might add XD I know most of you will say: “But it’s just a black electric guitar and it looks like a Les Paul rip-off”, but let me tell you otherwise.. ESP is known for their destinctive sound and some love it and other hate it, but if you like heavy metal and J-Rock then this is the guitar brand to get!
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German Rap

I know most people will think: “Eeew heck no!”, but I love German rap or actually more precise I love Bushido! Now I’m not saying he is the best person to have as a role model, because he isn’t, but he has fought his way through life. Gone from being poor to being rich and all thanks to music. I think it’s something to aknowledge and admire. He has made a better future for himself and his mother and he’s still down to earth and kind to his fans. He has humour and he doesn’t take himself to seriously and I love that! Also he has found “the love of his life” and is now married and is expecting a baby-girl any day now and gosh that baby is gonna be so spoiled and cute and just.. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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