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If you live in Denmark you already know how expensive it is to buy hairdye and it’s even more expensive to go to a hairdresser to get it done. I used to let my hairdresser dye my hair, because that’s the best thing you can do.. But lets just be honest – Students without a job can’t afford 1500dkk every 2 months to get your hair dyed and cut. This is why I asked my hairdresser which brand of home dye he would recommend and he said Garnier. Some other hairdressers might suggest something else so ask your own.

I’m really satisfied with the Garnier Nutrisse hairdye in 6.60 Fiery Red. It last for a long time, gives an intense dark red colour and it doesn’t burn/irritate my scalp!

This is why my parents decided to stock up on my hairdye because it only cost €2.95 in Flensburg instead of €10+ in Denmark. I also got a neon orange dye from Directions so I can dye my sidecuts that colour while my mohawk/fauxhawk can remain red :D

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Here in Denmark we have a rewards system called “Club Matas”. Every time you buy something in Matas and show your members card you collect point. WIth these points you can shop in their pointshop and get something for free and that’s what I did. I got the OPI miniature set called “Dutch Treats”. I’m a sucker for nail polish and when it’s free it’s even better! Can’t wait to try these. They are all wonderful colours and I seriously love the names. OPI always tend to give their polishes a catchy/funny name :)

I Have a Herring Problem – Red Lights Ahead…. Where? – Kiss Me on My Tulips – Pedal Faster Suzi!

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So today I did my nails for the first time in weeks. I decided to do a gradient of pinks and used a glitter polish to melt the pink polishes together. I finished my manicure by making two breast cancer ribbons, in rhinestones, on my thumbs.

Products used:
Basecoat – Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Base colour – Rimmel French Manicure 433 French Ivory
Light pink – OPI Pink Friday
Dark pink – Depend 005
Glitter polish – H&M (No idea what it’s called/the number D:)
Topcoat – Sally Hansen Insta-Dry




Rating: ★★★★★☆ 5/6 stars

While I was in New York I visited a LUSH store and omg! It’s heaven, all the delicious scents and colours. It’s making you want to get it all and the staff is super helpful and sweet. So if you’re ever in NYC, visit the store that’s located near Macy’s and Empire State Bulding!

My lips have a tendency to produce more cells than normal and it gives them a dry, chapped look even though they are baby soft. I went into lush and ask what they thought I could do about the problem and they recommended that I used a lip scrub twice a week for 2-3 minutes. This is supposed to removed the left over cells and dead skin and prevent my lips from looking dry. I was very sceptical at first, but I got to try their Bubblegum lip scrub and it is heavenly! I noticed a difference just my rubbing it into my lips at the store, so I bought one of them.

So far I’ve used it about 6 times, because I had forgotten about it, but I’ve noticed a major difference in my lips. They look more pink and they look super healthy, no dry look anymore and I’m just so happy that all I had to do was use a lip scrub. What makes it even better is that the LUSH lip scrub is so natural that you can lick your lips after exfoliating, so if you’re in a hurry you’d still have time to use it.

I will say that if you dislike overly sweet scents, then go for one of their other scents, because the bubblegum one is VERY sweet.

So yesterday my dad took me and my kiwi friend to Flensburg in Germany. It’s not far from the Danish border, but at least it was still Germany. They had promised rain and awful weather, but it only rained when we we’re driving, so that made the trip all the more fun. I didn’t take any pictures, because Flensburg is not THAT interesting XD We mostly went to show my friend the town and to shop. Flensburg is a wonderful place to shop (just not for your wallet) and they have tons of stuff that we don’t have in Denmark. I think I did the most shopping, but hey I did get a few things from my dad, lol!




Bullet For My Valentine – Fever €6,99
Bullet For My Valentine – Poison/Scream Aim Fire €9,99
Jessie J – Who You Are €7,99
Garnier Nutrisse FarbSensation – 6.60 Intensive Rot €4,45
Ciaté – Caviar Manicure (White) €20
Perfume – Lady Gaga Fame €29,99
Scarf – in royal blue €2,99