I’ve baked again and actually made double up on the recipe my friend Mia Malene posted here. They are just so yummy and super easy to make! I have no idea what you would call them in English, but we call them “Pebernødder” which is basically pepper cookies. Not that they are very spicy or anything. If you guys want a translation of the recipe, I’ll gladly make one! :)

I’ve been pretty much a fan of We Are The Ocean ever since their first EP where they had no contract and played just to get by in life. They are fabulous and they sound amazeball live! Like seriously! But let me be honest.. Ever since they got signed by a bigger label and Dan (the screamer) left the band, I’ve been ignoring them. Their new sound just wasn’t me and they had lost their edge that Dan gave them. All negativity aside I’m proud of them and how far they come. From playing small gigs for 100 people to play Wembley Arena as support for You Me At Six. That is fucking HUGE!

Anyways. They have released their new single called “Young Heart” and it has me hooked again. It has kinda the same sound as their old music (just without the hardcore edge). I’m really digging it and I have it on repeat. The video is also beautiful and I think a lot of people can relate ♥

I bet almost every blogger out there has done one of these, but I don’t care. This is my 5 picks for Christmas when it comes to MAC products. Red lips is always in fashion, but for me it’s just “the” colour for Christmas along with silver and gold.

I guess if you like fashion you’ve heard about Freja Beha. She’s a top model and one of the most used models atm. She is allegedly Valentino’s new muse and her face is in a lot of campaigns from make-up to haute couture. Freja is Danish and she is the biggest model we’ve had since Helena Christensen! I love her androgynous look and the fact that her 16 tattoos never gets removed when doing a shoot. They are part of her and it’s what makes her so special. If you wanna know more about her, go here or if you want more pictures/videos/etc, go here