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26 || Wishing for equality


Since I just began blogging on here, I assume no one knows about my ankle surgery.. In March 2011 I had to undergo severe ankle surgery to reconstruct my ligaments and remove infected/irritated tissue. I basically got 2 surgeries in one. Now it’s been over a year since my surgery and I should be back to normal and my ankle should work fine and I should feel no pain what so ever, but in December 2011 it began to hurt and since the I’ve been visiting the hospital on a regular basis.

I’ve had to have X-Rays, an MRI and now I’ve been through 2 pain relief injection or as we call them in Danish “en blokade”. Basically the injections should block the pain, if they work that is. The first one I got only worked for 3 days and that one didn’t hurt, but the one I got today hurt like a bitch. I cried from the pain and I NEVER do that, so yeah not fun..

Anyways my point with this post is: Why does waiting rooms, at the hospital, have to be so damn boring? I mean couldn’t they just use a splash of colour? White walls are so boring and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that D:

Starting school again

So I just began school today and so far it has been a complete failure. My school’s internet has always been shit, but today something went completely wrong and not one single student from 3rd semester can log on o_O

It’s a mystery to me that a school like this, where students are depending on an internet connection, has such a shitty connection. I mean we’re all depending on a connection so we can download files, codes, schedule, etc. yet almost every single day there is a problem with it. How can they expect us to deliver great products, when we can’t use the internet unless we use our 3G phone connection -_-‘

Luckily there was a solution to this problem. They reset my password and now I can log in, but imagine this: 130+ students all needing their password reset and only 1 person can do it. It’ll be mayhem!


So I finally got everything set up with my domain. It only took me 4 years or so, LOL!
Anyways I’d like make an intro post. This will be more personal than the “Behind the Mask” post, but they will be similar so feel free to skip this and just wait for “real” blog posts :P

Name: Marie
Age: 22
City: Gentofte/Copenhagen, DK
Occupation: Student

Just if anyone missed those boring facts.

I’m currently on 3rd semester, studying Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. So be prepared to see school work and hear me complain about how complicated PHP, etc. is, because I’m basically only taking this education to get into another one. The other study will be more design based and less coding based and with no communication involved, because lets face it.. I don’t give a damn about PEST analysis and so on XD

I love traveling, as many do and it makes me feel so free. It’s just the greatest feeling in the world to hop on a plane and know that when you land you’ll be far away from home and will experience new exciting things. I’ve been to most of Europe, but most have only been for a day or a few hours while passing through the country in car, for example 7 years in a row my family and I drow to Italy twice a year and passed though Germany, Switzerland or Austria on the way.

Major cities I’ve been to: Berlin – Paris – Stockholm – New York City – Orlando

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