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26 || Wishing for equality

Neon Yellow


I’m one of those people that loves colour and the more neon it can get, the better. Now I don’t wear all colours at once and I won’t wear colours that clash, heck sometimes I even wear all black. Besides neon pink and limegreen I love neon yellow, so when I saw that were having Jeffrey Campbell shoes for 50% off I jumped in and looked at the shoes they had. Most of them were neutral Litas and Nightwalkers, but they had a few neon coloured Litas so I clicked on the neon yellow ones and ordered them. I’m so happy with them, they are brighter than any pics show and they’ll go perfect with my black clothes and my neon yellow chop shirt I got from Gina Tricot (if you want a picture of the shirt, please tell me).

Now I will mention that I have weird feet. My size goes from a 39 to a 41. This made me nervous when ordering the shoes, because you can’t see a size chart, so you’e kinda have to just go with it. Mine are a size 40 and they fit well, maybe a bit small (not uncomfortable), but they are leather so they will stretch. My advice is to find a measurement size chart so you can measure your own feet and then decide on size :D


I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s completely obsessed with androgynous people (gender benders) or maybe I am?

Anyways.. I love people who aren’t afraid to show who they are and dress that way, even if that means looking like the opposite sex. It’s a freedom of expression and it has sucked me in so deep that I mostly only notice androgynous people. It’s like “normal” people just doesn’t catch my attention anymore. They just seem so plain and boring compared to androgynous people XD

So my fave androgynous people are:

– Andrej Pejic
– Lee Taemin (from SHINee)
– Bill Kaulitz
– Brian Molko
– Freja Beha
– Azmarie Livingston
– Katherine Moennig

Who’s your fave? If you have one that is :P

Lady Gaga

Yesterday I went to the Born This Way Ball at Parken, Copenhagen and oh my god! I can’t even begin to describe how fucking awesome it was! She is such a great performer, singer and artist and she has a heart of pure gold ♥

Now if you like her music or not doesn’t matter, but I’m sure we can all agree that she has a point.. We all need to show more compassion, need to be more loving, caring and openminded. I love what she stands for and I love her music! To me she’s a great idol and her songs encourage people to show their true colours and be themselves, so thumbs up or rather paws up!



New York City


In July I went to New York City with my parents and we had tons of fun. It was my parents first time in NYC, actually their first time in the US, while I had been to the US two times prior and one time to NYC before our trip. Also my parents gave me a wonderful present by paying for a planeticket for my friend in Florida. I haven’t seen her since I visited her back in 2009! It was such an amazing thing and a wonderful present for her as well, seeing as she turned 21, 2 days before visiting NYC :D

The city is absolutely amazing and once you’ve been there you finally understand why they call it “the city that never sleeps”. There’s always noises and people on the streets, which can be annoying, but nevertheless it’s part of the experience and without it, it wouldn’t be the same.
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