On Friday I went to the long awaited One Direction concert in Copenhagen. I went alone and at first that bothered me, but by the end it was perfectly fine. I arrived 5 minutes before the doors opened and I quickly found the queue, but what I didn’t find at first was the end of the queue. For a seating only concert, the queue was ridiculously long! I’m not lying if I say it was around 800 m – 1 km long and it kept growing after I found it. I didn’t take a picture of it and now I kinda regret it, because it was just insane :o

Anyways the queue moved quickly and I was inside, by my seat, at 18.30. I was situated rather close to the “main” stage and it surprised just how close I was. I had row 12, seat 28 – floor, right in front of the stage. I sat between a mother and a group of girls that got on my nerves several times.. One of the girls was SO loud and kept screaming every time Little Mix, 5SOS and the band name came up on the screen. At least she shut up when the concert actually began.

Camryn was the support act and I did not care for her at all, hence why I didn’t take pictures of her. I also sat on my seat the whole time, because why stand when you don’t like the artist. She reminded me of a bad copy of Hannah Montana and I would, honestly, much rather have had 5 Seconds of Summer as support act!

At around 20.20 the lights went out for a second time and the concert began. I didn’t have any expectations and kinda felt all “meh”, but that quickly changed. One Direction really knows how put on a good show and they are some fine looking guys. In all honesty this might be the best concert I’ve ever attended!

As for the stuff I remember.. Liam and Niall was super touchy-feely with everyone on stage. Niall and Louis shared a water bottle. They rapped “One Way Or Another”. Lots of hugs and other cute stuff and lastly a kiss on the cheek from one boy to another. I don’t remember who kissed who, but I got it on video, so I’ll have a look later XD

Orker ikke skrive det på dansk, desværre

1D 1D-1

1D-4 1D-5

1D-6 1D-7

1D-8 1D-9 1D-10 1D-(2) 1D-(3)

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