This is not a recipe for people on a diet. Seriously it contains a lot of calories, but you can pair it with turkey, a salad or any other healthy food you want. It’s okay to sin once in a while and to me this is the ultimate “Sinners” dish XD


700g of Pre-cooked sliced potatoes (You can usually buy them already pre-cooked)
150g of Broccoli
100g of Mushrooms
250ml of Cooking cream
100g of Shredded cheese (It needs to be a more fatty cheese)

How to:

Step1: Turn your oven to 175°C and get that out of the way.

Step 2: Roast the mushrooms in a pan until they get some colour

Step 3: Put a layer of sliced potatoes in a ovenproof dish and add some mushrooms and broccoli. Season this layer a bit and put a small amunt of cheese and cream on. Then put another layer of potatoes and continues the layering until the last layer which has to be potatoes. Then add the rest of the cheese and cream.

Step 4: Bake until everything is cooked. It usually takes 1-1½ hour. If the cheese is starting to burn, put some foil over it and continue to bake.


  1. Flødekartofler er looove <3 jeg plejer dog at bruge cremfine i stedet for fløde, da det indeholder langt mindre fedt og så bruger jeg altid levevis ost – også mindre fedt :D

    • Det kan man jo også sagtens bruge, men da jeg skal ha’ 40% fedt i min kost, så er der ingen grun til at jeg gør det XD Og når man nu alligevel synder, så gør det ordentlig XD

    Det fik jeg til min fødselsdag i fredags xD Og resterne fik vi lørdag x)

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